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Core Value

Fathfulness & Credibilit
Fathfulness & Credibility is the fundamental for Dart-Pollrich Oeople to behave and work, and also the foundaion for building harmonious society "Faithfulness makes man and credibiIW accomplishes enterprise is a firm faith that Dart-Pollrch akways keep ".

Innovaton is dynamic for sustainable development of Dart-Polirich. and also the key element for building corporate core competinveness.

IntemaIW teamwork to improve corporate strength: externaIW partnership to create value and achieve win-win.


Responsibilit makes value. Dart-Pollrich always engraves its responsibility for employees,customers,shareholders,and the whole society on its mind.

Value Pursuit

To achieve maximcation of value is eternal pursuff of Dart-Pollrich Instead of simply pursuing maximization of profits,Dart-Pollrch sets reasonable goals of profits for certain periods according to the requirements of its sustainabledevelopment.
Dart-Pollrich pursues realaing indindual employe's value while achieving corporate value.
"Three Ensuring" principle:
Ensure that all the business activities are in confonnity with legal provisions;
Ensure dehvenng products and services to customers in good quality and quantity on schedule;
Ensure all the account payable to be paid on time.