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BaoSteel Group Corporation

Sintering waste heat generation cycle fan
Sintering system dedusting fan
Cooling fan
Blast furnace system dedusting fan
Coal injection Lord smoke fan
Lime burner system fan

WuHan Iron&Steel(Group)Corp

3200m3Blast furnace ore slot dedusting fan
Casting house dedusting fan
Hot air stove combustion fan
Coal injection Lord smoke fan

ShouGang Group

7.63Meter large coke oven of Jingtang Steel coking project

TaiYuan Iron&Steel(Group)Co.,Ltd

Blast furnace system dedusting fan

Magang (Group) Holding Co., Ltd

2500m3、1000m3furnace projects
Cold-rolled thin nickel Galvanizing line and acid-rolled line project
2×360m2Sinter project

Tianjin Iron Works

Converter coal gas inflating fan
Blast furnace coal gas inflating fan
Coke oven gas inflating fan

ChongQing Iron&Steel(Group)Co.Ltd.

Secondary and third converter dedusting project VSP2*3200m3 Blast furnace

Ningbo steel Co., Ltd

435m2sintering machine cogeneration project


Indian VSP2*3200m Blast furnace

ShanDong Province Metallurgical Engineering Co.,Ltd

Indian EIL 2200000tons pellet project and 1200000tons Pellet project
Laigang 600000tons pellet project

HTC Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited

Shaoshan steel 2500m3 blast furnace project
Hangzhou steel ,Tianjin Steel sinter project

Sinosteel Corporation

Blast furnace sintering and Shaft furnace project of Xinjiang Yili Steel Co.,Ltd.