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China Huadian Corporation

China Huadian Group Nei Monggol branch office

Shanghai Electric Group

Indian Jingde Power Plant

Yunnan Coal Chemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd

Yunnan Dongyuan coal and ele ctricity Enhong Power plant 300MW

Sichuan Baima Circulating Fluidized Bed Demonstration Power Liability Company

600MW Circulating Fluidized bed

Huangling Mining Group

50WM-300WN Secondary and third project of gangue power

Aluminum International Engineering Co.,Ltd

Henan Zhonglv International autonomous power supply plant 150MW
Circulating Fans for energy and environmental protection Cogeneration Project

China Machinery Engineering Corporation

Indian electric power project

Tangshan Kailuan group

Orient thermal power plant

Xinjiang Tianfu Thermoelectric Co.,Ltd

Xinjiang Tianfu Pyroelectricity