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Management Concept

Fundamental Philosophy of Human Resource Management and Development:
"Moral quality first and give full scope of the talents" is Employment Ideality of DunAn.
Promote and put talent with integrity and ability in an important position;
Cultivate talent with integrity without ability;
Refuse to use talent without integrity and ability.
"Open, fair and just" is Employment Principle of DunAn.

DunAn respects knowledge and talents but refuses to yield to meritorious staffs.
The staffs in DunAn are all equal in personality regardless of their positions.
DunAn carries out Human Resource Value Management and sticks to the goal of gradually value-adding human capital prior to that of value-adding financial capital.
DunAn fully respects, understands and cares staffs. DunAn persists in growing and developing the company with staffs and also incessantly developing the potential of staffs.

Talents Selection Principles:
If someone is capable of outstanding achievements, he or she can own status. DunAn recruits staffs beyond qualifications and education background based on objective and fair evaluation so as to let the most responsible and capable staff undertake important business. According to the requirements of enterprise organizational goal and career development, the "qualification" affirmation was carried out for each position. The company can make an exception to promote someone with remarkable capacities and achievements.
DunAn provides fair opportunity and condition for the development of staffs and implement "competition for the post" for managerial position. Each staff can strive for the opportunity based on their own efforts and can realize their own wishes through innovatively complete and improve own duties.
The company resolves to practice the employment system of preparing for both promotion and demotion. The recruitment of managerial staff brings "publicity by staffing levels" into practice and that of senior leader adopts the system of "off-office auditing".

Cadre Quality Requirements:
"Gumption, public trust, tolerance and responsibility" is the most basic quality required for DunAn cadre.
The top managerial staff of DunAn should be "2+2"inter-disciplinary talent, namely having a good command of operation and management.