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Dart-Pollrich Fan Co, Ltd: Test and success of single stage high speed blower.


   At 1 am on January 23,2015, in assembly workshop of Dart-Pollrich, with the test success of single stage high speed blower’s gear case and high impeller and dilute gas station etc, the whole workshop rejoiced. This means Dart-Pollrich took another steady step along the development of new products market.

Single stage high speed blower is the energy-saving pioneer products of the sewage treatment, power plants and other industries,which speed to 18000 revolutions per hour, machining precision calculated on a wire(1 wire=0.01mm), most markets are dominated by Siemens, Kawasaki,Japan, and other enterprises. Dart-Pollrich independent research according to the needs of customers, fully exchanges and cooperation with good suppliers, overcome technical difficulties and unfavorable factors such as cold, through continuous 48 hours of debugging, made the factory test one-time success, and provided a firm base for single stage high speed blower’s market promoting and technical parameters’ determination of company.

Sulfur dioxide in flue gas is one of the major problems of atmospheric pollution. With the increase of people concern for air pollution, reducing sulfur dioxide pollution has been a top priority in today’s atmosphere governance.Oxidation fan is indispensable equipment during the treatment of power plant flue gas desulphurization purification. Single stage high speed blower of Dart-Pollrich is mainly used for flue gas desulfurization process and also plays an important role to each kind of boiler and incinerator exhaust governance. It perfected the company single-stage high-speed series spectrum, and accumulated experience for enter the desulfurized such as single stage high speed blowers application fields, and it also laid a solid foundation for small compressor development.