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Dart-Pollrich Continuous Winning The Bid For Two New Projects in Shandong Market

   Recently, there was good news from Shandong market, it successively won the bid for 30 single stage high speed blowers of Wei Qiao Group, the top 500 world enterprises, and won the bid for all fan projects of west heating central of Sunshine Thermal Co, Ltd in Linyi. It laid the foundation for Dart Pollrich to develop the new market in Shandong.

Although the time Dart Pollrich involved in power plant desulphurization industry is not long, but with the design characteristics and techincal performance of  single stage high speed blowers , won the trust of customers. Since cooperation with Wei Qiao Group from 2011, Dart-Pollrich almost swept all the process units and all centrifugal fans used in the power plant projects of the company. This time, it added new products after the cooperation between Dart-Pollrich and Wei Qiao Group.

The fan projects of west heating central of Sunshine Thermal Co, Ltd in Linyi, constructed 2×260t/h and 2×130t/h circulating fluidized bed boilers and 2×30MW back pressure type generating units. The project was joint by Linyi City Investment and Sunshine Thermal. Customers had high requirements of quality and performance of the products, preliminary investigated many fan manufacturers. There were six companies shortlisted, in the end, Dart-Pollrich successfully won the bid.

Single stage high speed blowers are the new products promoted by Dart-Pollrich in 2015. The speed of the new products blowers which won the bid can achieve 25000RPM, and three yuan flow method is used for impeller design.Compared with traditional design,this method increased the efficient of the products for 5%-10%. It has good energy saving effect, the diameter decreased 10%-30% under the same conditions. Also can reduce volume and weight. Blowers energy adjustment adopts imported guide vane adjustment device, make the blowers have the wider scope of work. Increasing gear box adopts vertical part of the transmission structure, vertical layout more reasonable compared with horizontal layout. The whole box volume become smaller,and it is good for integration design of blowers and gear boxes.